Project Description

In-person or through phone calls, Jim’s coaching services helps you set goals, stay accountable, implement viable strategies, and see results.

Jim is an experienced therapist with a reputation for passion. He gives people the best tools, principles and approach for their personal challenges.

Coaching is a powerful way to realize change rapidly.  Coaching emphasizes quick change by helping you to remove road blocks, set realistic, achievable, and measurable goals, and by helping you to visualize success. Coaching can open the doors to ending procrastination, eliminating distraction, and propelling you forward.

Coaching is ideal for:

  • those who are struggling with “Who am I to think I can be successful or happy?” and those who when they have any measure of success think “What was I thinking?  I should have never put myself out here.”
  • professionals and business owners seeking to grow their skills and/or business;
  • individuals who want to overcome personal challenges and difficulties but do not want to go to the expense and time of counseling; and
  • individuals seeking to improve their relationships — everything from how to attract and meet a partner, improve your marriage relationship, and becoming a better parent.