Project Description

Daring Way™ strategies are used to address shame, guilt, perfectionism, self worth and self identity. Daring Way™ strives to “make the world a more loving and courageous place by helping people learn how to show up, be seen, and live brave.”

Daring Way™ was founded by Brené Brown, an author and research professor at the University of Houston, who has studied courage, vulnerability, shame, empathy, and leadership. Daring Way™ professionals have access to peer support, case consultation, the exchange of ideas, and ongoing practice development skills and tools.

The Daring Way™ groups are designed by Dr. Brené Brown, based on her research on courage, worthiness, vulnerability, and shame.

Let Jim help you translate these principles into the way you live your life in any or all of the following formats:

  • Daring Way™ 1-Day Workshop
  • Daring Way ™ 3-Day Intensives
  • Daring Way™ 8-Week Group

A Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ group may be just what you need if you are:

  • Ready to fully embrace yourself and live a more brave and authentic life.
  • Wanting to show up and be seen more.
  • Seeking more joy and fulfillment in your life, but feel inadequate and like you are not enough.  
  • Feeling stuck and not sure you will never be enough.  
  • Wanting to overcome challenges more and rise stronger when difficulties come.