Individual & Couples Counseling

Premier counseling for areas including depression, anxiety, marital conflict, marital enhancement, sexual intimacy, obsessive compulsive disorder, sexual abuse, sexual addiction, substance abuse, and stress management.

Are you always hustling for worthiness? Most people are perpetually wrestling with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. This leads to addictions, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness.

Counseling can help you find your way!


Professional, Individual & Relationship Coaching

In-person or through phone calls, Jim’s coaching services helps you set goals, stay accountable, implement viable strategies, and see results.

Jim is an experienced therapist with a reputation for passion. He gives people the best tools, principles and approach for their personal challenges.

Coaching is a powerful way to realize change rapidly.  Coaching emphasizes quick change by helping you to remove road blocks, set realistic, achievable, and measurable goals, and by helping you to visualize success. Coaching can open the doors to ending procrastination, eliminating distraction, and propelling you forward.

Coaching is ideal for:

  • those who are struggling with “Who am I to think I can be successful or happy?” and those who when they have any measure of success think “What was I thinking?  I should have never put myself out here.”
  • professionals and business owners seeking to grow their skills and/or business;
  • individuals who want to overcome personal challenges and difficulties but do not want to go to the expense and time of counseling; and
  • individuals seeking to improve their relationships — everything from how to attract and meet a partner, improve your marriage relationship, and becoming a better parent.




Daring Way™

Daring Way™ strategies are used to address shame, guilt, perfectionism, self worth and self identity. Daring Way™ strives to “make the world a more loving and courageous place by helping people learn how to show up, be seen, and live brave.”

Daring Way™ was founded by Brené Brown, an author and research professor at the University of Houston, who has studied courage, vulnerability, shame, empathy, and leadership. Daring Way™ professionals have access to peer support, case consultation, the exchange of ideas, and ongoing practice development skills and tools.

The Daring Way™ groups are designed by Dr. Brené Brown, based on her research on courage, worthiness, vulnerability, and shame.

Let Jim help you translate these principles into the way you live your life in any or all of the following formats:

  • Daring Way™ 1-Day Workshop
  • Daring Way ™ 3-Day Intensives
  • Daring Way™ 8-Week Group

A Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ group may be just what you need if you are:

  • Ready to fully embrace yourself and live a more brave and authentic life.
  • Wanting to show up and be seen more.
  • Seeking more joy and fulfillment in your life, but feel inadequate and like you are not enough.  
  • Feeling stuck and not sure you will never be enough.  
  • Wanting to overcome challenges more and rise stronger when difficulties come.  



Driving Lessons for Marriage, Parenting, and Sexual Intimacy Workshops

Most relationship workshops are well out of the price range of most people.  So, Jim developed the:

  • Driving Lessons for Marriage Workshop,
  • Driving Lessons For Parenting Workshop, and
  • Driving Lessons for Sexual Intimacy Workshop.

These workshops are full of practical, research based suggestions that people can implement immediately.

Based on the best research from Gottman, Daring Way, and other proven strategies, individuals and couples will learn in a friendly environment at a fraction of the time commitment and cost.  The average relationship workshops cost well over $500 (not including a hotel stay, food, and travel costs).

Driving Lessons Workshops cost less than dinner and a movie!  Workshops can even be hosted in your family, church, or social group to reduce even more costs.

Book a workshop for your group. Ideal for:

  • families,
  • church groups,
  • social groups, and
  • good friends.


When it comes to choosing a speaker for your next event, you will find Jim R. Jacobs to be an engaging and enthusiastic speaker.

Jim is likable, dynamic, sensitive, and powerful in reaching his audiences.  He can engage a small group or enthrall a very large audience.  Jim has delivered hundreds of messages to audiences large and small throughout the United States.

He can easily adapt a message to meet your need. Jim offers a dynamic mix of stories, spirituality, humor, challenges, and inspiration according to the needs of the group.

Here’s what people say about Jim’s presentations:

“He will take the time to meet with leaders and organizers to learn the desired goals and outcomes of the meeting and present to those needs.”

“Jim thrives on creating a presentation that is memorable and practical. He enjoys being in front of the large group, but will be found after the meeting seeking to mingle with and offer encouragement to the one.”

“Jim will leave people with meaningful information and magnifying inspiration.”

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