How was I BRAVE today?


As a therapist, I chose a unique professional path: studying the physics of vulnerability and the impact of shame. This professional training, along with my own personal challenges, has given me the capability to help people overcome serious emotional, behavioral, relationship, and other challenges.

What is the secret of becoming a more authentic and alive person? What is the secret to developing the power to overcome shame and guilt, navigate change, and thrive in life?

The secret is found in learning to truly show up, allowing ourselves to be fully seen by others, and living in more brave and courageous ways.


You may be thinking, “Really? That’s it?” Observe your own life and those around you who are having challenges. It does not take long to see in ourselves and others how the pressure to be perfect, perform, and please is ruling our lives.  Every day someone else falls off the treadmill of ever-increasing expectations to prove we are enough and worthy of love, connection, and belonging. At some point, all of us have to realize that happiness is never going to come from doing more, having more, and hustling more. There is a much better way.

When I learned I could live with less shame and more confidence and wholeness, it changed me. I want to use what I have learned and lived to change and help others. Please join me in learning to live a more brave and true life of worthiness and belonging.

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