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Life becomes so much easier for all of us when we let people in.

Being lost is no fun.
Find your highway … your way.

End distracted living.

Overcome shame, guilt, and fear of imperfection.

Live with courage, with intent. Live a fuller life.

About Jim

Helping You Realize Your Destiny

Trained in psychology and social work, Jim understands both the personal and social dynamics that contribute to happiness and success.

Together with him, you can:

  • Assess your strengths, talents, and opportunities on an individual level.
  • Assess the larger social environment to determine what supports and obstacles exist.

Author, Counselor, Professional Relationship Coach, and Professional Speaker

Uniquely qualified to help you overcome challenges and navigate change.

Jim has 20+ years of experience consulting, counseling, and coaching others to success.

About Driving Lessons for Life

Inspiring You & Your Journeys

Jim is the author of “Driving Lessons for Life” and Driving Lessons for Life 2,” featuring short and inspiring stories about change, self-improvement and leadership.


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